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"Wendy helped me heal after a whiplash accident that left me in a lot of pain for several years. She helped me relax the muscles that were tightening and compensating around the pain. She even found spots in my hips and thighs that were taking on more tension to deal with the neck/shoulder pain. She worked with me with great care, tenderness and the perfect firmness to heal...not just to relax, but to heal. 

Then, when I was pregnant, she helped me through that. Her touch is so intuitive. It is as if she is asking my muscles to relax and working with them...not forcing them to comply to her wishes. I've had massages where I was sore afterwards and even tighter because the therapist pushed too hard against the muscles. Well, Wendy, works in harmony with my body, always perfectly adjusting to what I needed.

I am so grateful to her as a healer, as a massage therapist. I always feel better after seeing her. She is warm and kind and loving. The setting is relaxing. And she is SKILLED. 

I worked with a lot of therapists before finding Wendy. She's the best."



"Wendy at Stonelight is a true artist.  Her massages are the best I've ever had.  I've had massages from expensive resorts and on cruise ships and Wendy just blows them all away.  

My favorite thing about her is that she really gets to know you and remembers, what you like, what your problem areas are, and how you like to be treated.

Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Stonelight.  I would go every week if I could."


"Wendy is the best!! She will work on problem spots and find some you did not know you had.  She tailors your massage to your individual needs, cannot say enough. She is a great help and understands and resolves my equestrian aches and pains."


"Wendy has been my massage therapist for years.  I have chronic neck and shoulder problems and Wendy has been the only one to fix my problems, when no other massage therapist (and I've been to many), doctor, or chiropractor could do it. She has very gifted hands.  She's able to find the problems and work through them.   She is an expert, is professional and has a very calming and soothing energy.  Whether you need a relaxing massage or a therapeutic massage, I highly recommend Wendy."


"Wendy has been my massage therapist for two years and knows how to get into the nooks and knots that other therapist do not get to.  Wendy takes the time to know her customers and what they issues and concerns and remembers those tight spots session after session! 

I have recommended Wendy to all my friends and family! Wendy is a mircle worker on sore and tired muscles."


"I have had massages before by many different people but Wendy was the first that truly know what she was talking about and knew which areas to work on before I even told her.  I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed and renewed.  Wendy knows how to take care you during the session and let's you know how to keep things loose afterwards.  I recommend her to all my friends whenever try complain about stress or muscle soreness."


"I have worked with Wendy in the past and I can't say enough about her.  Wonderful person and excellent at what she does.  Someone who truly does this to help people, not just turn a buck.

She listens to your problems and is attentive to them.  She really knows how to find those sore spots and loosen them up, even the ones you didn't know you had!  You'll leave her care in a massage daze.

Her cheery outlook and soothing personality go a long way to helping you feel better about your visit and your day.

Wendy is the best, and I'm looking forward to working with her again."


"I love to get a massage. I've gone to spas in the mountains, on cruise ships, & a famous (& super-expensive) "medical" spa in Ashburn.

By far, the best massage I've ever received is from Wendy at Stonelight Massage in Lansdowne VA.

Wendy is an expert. As soon as she came out to greet me for my appointment, I felt myself relaxing. She exudes a calming, soothing energy & is always positive (& she has a wonderful smile).

I could tell that Wendy was solicitous of me as an individual & that I was not just another client. She asked me about my health, levels of stress, & any concerns or issues I might have. And you know what? She really listened. Wow. What a delight to know that you're valued, & that Wendy treats you like you're the only client in the world. And you are, when you're on Wendy's massage table.

Wendy is soft-spoken & doesn't make me feel like I have to make conversation throughout the massage. I absolutely LOVE that about Stonelight. When I'm having a massage, it's a huge treat for me, & I want to be carried away to a calm, happy place.

Another thing I adore about Wendy & Stonelight Massage is that the environment is calm, soothing, relaxing, & conducive to a totally healing experience. It smells so nice without being overwhelming, & the music is soft & carries me to that happy place. Wendy smells nice too! Not like smoke or anything at all unpleasant. She has a nice clean smell. This is really important when you're in such close contact with your client.

Wendy is always aware of my body. She keeps some of me covered while she works on one area, & I noticed she always has a fingertip or hand gently on me so that I know where she is. That is such a wonderful skill.

I think Wendy has magic hands. I think she's more than an expert massage therapist. She has an energy that lifts me as she works on me. I can feel my conscious mind turn off (I don't have to worry about what I'm making for dinner, or did I pick up my husband's dry-cleaning) & my subconscious mind open up. Wendy has a "light." I can feel it!

I've started putting away some money so that I can have a regular massage with Wendy at Stonelight Massage at least twice a month. I can't think of a better gift to give myself. Sure is better than all these prescription medications mainstream healthcare providers seem to throw at me.

A friend just got back from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, & she had one of the foremost physicians in the world tell her that recent studies have shown that regular massage (at least twice a month) contributes to better circulation, fewer headaches, calmer nerves (less adrenaline & cortisol flooding the system when it's stressed, & more endorphins being released for a euphoric feeling), & better sleep patterns. The doctor also said the studies show that regular massage can actually contribute to a more youthful appearance of skin & hair (slowing down the aging process).

All I can say is: YES PLEASE"


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