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Each massage is customized to your individual needs. Always feel free to communicate with your therapist. 

Wendy will consult with you before, and briefly during, your session to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits are achieved.


Rates for each treatment (unless otherwise noted):

30 minutes: $55

60 minutes: $85

90 minutes: $115

120 minutes: $145


Drift Away

Swedish massage

Relax and escape the busyness and stress of day-to-day life. Take an hour or two and let it all drift away, and travel to a place where your consciousness can let go. Place yourself in your therapist’s hands, and she will guide you on a journey of healing and relaxation. Liberate your senses with a firm-pressure, full body, Swedish massage that will effectively melt the tension from your muscles. Choose to combine a service like reflexology or aromatherapy and take it to another level. You’ll float through the remainder of your day.


Deep Relief

Deep-tissue massage

60 min: $99
90 min: $139
120 min: $159

Sometimes muscles three or four layers deep can become severely tight and immobile. Stress, tension and toxins build up in layer upon layer of hyper-tense muscle.  Fibers solidify in a process called thixotropy, aggravating the nerves and preventing blood from flowing freely through the irritated areas. Stand all day at work? Sit in front of a computer for hours, feeling your neck, back and hips stiffen? Think of everything you ask your muscles to do, whether it is constant motion or stabilizing an unnatural position. Let’s give them the deeeeep relief they deserve.  Work with your therapist to release the toxins and calm your muscles so you can perform at your best.


Sports Relief

Sports massage

Running, exercising, and leading a healthy, active lifestyle can sometimes lead us to push our bodies to the limit. Muscles need to recover from intense work-outs or strenuous weekend adventures, and sports massage can help. Depending on whether you are pre- or post-event, your therapist will provide much-needed relief to tired, overused muscles. Experience the comfort of muscles that are ready to meet the challenge you present to them. Enhance your performance and recover faster from extreme activity. If you choose to add the Deep Relief Treatment to your service, combining hot and cold therapies to maximize relief to your muscles and ease any residual pain.


Manual Lymph Drainage

Lymphatic drainage

(MLD is recommended with a doctor’s approval)

Manual lymph drainage, or MLD, is used to assist the lymph fluid (our body’s first step in eliminating toxins) to reach the two major lymph ducts, located on each side of the upper torso. The lymph ducts are where our body filters out the toxins our immune system has targeted as harmful, and flushes them towards elimination. Treatments such as chemotherapy, invasive surgeries, or infections that have been treated, all cause our bodies to weaken, and sometimes compromise our ability to process lymph fluid correctly. MLD uses gentle compressions in a methodical and extremely relaxing manner to facilitate the flush of the lymph, while helping relieve swelling, fluid retention and pain.


Beautiful Mother

Pre-natal massage

(Pre-natal massage is recommended to mothers with a doctor’s approval. Massage is contraindicated with high-risk pregnancies.)

Congratulations! You are already a beautiful mother. The stresses of pregnancy can take your focus off the joy of this experience. This is your time to enjoy the miracle of creating a life. Let your therapist ease your discomfort and provide your hard-working body with the relaxation it needs, allowing you to meditate on more important things.


Little Friend

Infant and child massage

30 min: $55
60 min: $75

You want the best for your children, and your greatest desire is for them to be content. Many things children face today can leave them feeling pain physically, mentally and emotionally. Headaches, attention issues, and overstimulation can all be relieved with a gentle, healing massage. Help your beloved young one find the comfort they deserve. When they are relaxed and happy, you have peace of mind as well. These massages are customized to your child’s needs and comfort level with you present during the session.



Energy Flow

Reiki – the Japanese art of focused healing energy

Most times we can’t see energy, but we can always feel it flowing, gathering or even stopping all together. Energy can collect in our bodies, and then be unable to continue flowing, manifesting through physical blockages and pain. We may also feel a lack of energy, or be victims of a specific drain on our reserves. Replenish your spirit, and harness the power of Reiki the ancient Japanese art of healing with love-energy. Work with the practitioner to restore peace and harmony to your body and mind.

Renewing with Reflexology


Reflexology is an effective and therapeutic method of healing any inner malady. The ancient Chinese believed that mirrored on the soles of our feet, the palms of our hands, and even the outer folds of our ears, are maps to the very core of our physical bodies. By placing pressure to specific points on these areas, we can experience a deep relaxation and remind our organs of the most efficient way to perform their tasks. Your therapist will work only the soles of feet, palms of hands and earlobes during this massage.


Investing in massage is an investment in your health!


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